John O'Groats to Land's End Charity Ride

in Aid of Prostate Cancer UK







I've lost many friends who’ve died of this illness.

This, my first ride was for Harry, Jim, Darren, Alex, Chester, John, Andy and also for my favourite and beloved pet dog Charlie, who died of a cancer related condition. 

My chosen journey was influenced by Henry Cole's inspirational ride from John O'Groats to Land's End in his TV series "World's Greatest Motorcycle Rides"

The trip took me 7/8 days and I learned quite a lot from it.

An anecdotal account of my journey can be found on my BLOG page 

"Back in The Saddle"

The journey was exciting and challenging, but it was not done for my own personal gratification.

The principal motive and objective behind this endeavour was to raise awareness of Prostate Cancer and highlight the importance of early detection of this condition and encourage men to be more proactive in their urological health care.

I, too, suffer from complications of the prostate, but I thank God that I have so far been spared the worst case scenario.

My special thanks to Mr P.F. Hughes, my wonderful Consultant Urologist at Pontefract General Hospital. 


It was my intention to do a follow up trip which was unfortunately cancelled due to a lack of sponsorship. 

All was not lost nor forgotten.

I organized a 12 hour cycle marathon at my local biker’s cafe, Squires in Sherburn-in-Elmet.

It was a rainy day, but the enthusiasm shown by those who participated was gratifying.


(The Brexit Year)

Departed Normanton 13th August

Returned Altofts, Wakefield, 22nd August

I allowed about 10/14 days to complete the journey and I did it in 10 days.

It wasn't as financially successful as I would have hoped for, but I was glad to have accomplished it and was pleased with the responses received from the general public. 

I'd like to give a special mention to those good folks who agreed to display the official collection tins at their premises.

Allums - The Butchers of Altofts and Wakefield

Castle Motorcycles of Castleford 

Normanton Tyres

BSB Motors & Logan Garage of Normanton

Mr Lock & Keys of Normanton

Prostate Cancer is still with us.

It will not go away unless more work is done to find the cure. And that means more money...


Due to a set of unforseen personal circumstances and also a lack of sponsorship, I was unable to deliver on my intentions.

There is always next year.



PCUK supporting BLACK


The fight goes on

 To my fellow Bikers!

I am pleased to announce that this year, I have managed to secure the backing of 


I will therefore be filling up at BSB Motors and setting off from Castle's showroom in Castleford on the 1st of July.

 Then on to Squires, my local bikers Café in Sherburn-in-Elmet, for breakfast and ahead of the first leg to Dunfermline.

The Round Trip


Yorkshire > John O’Groats > Land’s End > Return to Yorkshire

10 days 2000 miles

As stated, I did this ride ‘Solo’ in 2014 &2016. 

It wasn’t my intention to repeat this event, but the sad and disturbing statistics showing that more men are now dying of Prostate Cancer than women of Breast Cancer has spurred me on to embark on another ride this July.

Some have done this journey in 2 days or less, but this is not a race in search of the best hardened rider! It’s also about the enjoyment of the journey, instead of it turning into an endurance test. 

My previous trips achieved some success, but overall, I was disappointed that my set targets were not reached. 

I am absolutely convinced that this was due a lack of credible publicity and sponsors and trying to do it solo with limited resources.

This year, the backing of Castle Motorcycles and BSB Motors, has given me the impetus to really go for it this year!  

I’ve also widened the geographical net to incorporate bikers from other counties, in the hope that some might join me as I ride through their territory. 

It’s a big ask to expect anyone to accompany me on the whole trip. However, it would be great if a few decided to join me on a leg or two.

Many have already expressed interest, thank you. It would certainly help break up the solitary and monotonous aspects of the ride. 

I'd like to make a loud roar and attract the most attention to further raise the public’s awareness of this debilitating condition.

I’ve allowed 10 days to complete the journey, with ample time to meet with other cancer groups and bikers en route.

Anyone interested in meeting up, please contact me via my email address

As often the case in other charity events, you are asked to make a monetary commitment.

Given the nature of my event, I’m not setting anyone a specific target, but to encourage those taking part in this charity, to sign up their biker friends, family and friendly neighbours! I will send out sponsorship forms on request.

My bike’s tracker will be activated on my departure, to enable all to follow my progress live.

I would ask anyone wishing to make a contribution to the cause, to please do so via my website, which is set up to receive donations using the JustGiving link.


Go direct to

We are currently running a RAFFLE (Closes 16th June 2018) and tickets can be bought on line at JustGiving site above.

Minimum donation £5 for 3 tickets. You will be sent the raffle numbers and advised if you win.

Collection from Castle Motorcycles.

Prizes to those outside the area will be sent free of postal charges.

1st Prize MT Revenge Helmet

2nd Oxford Security Chain

3rd Putoline Liquid Wash System

I know that there are hundreds of good and valid causes out there competing for funding.

I’m not therefore asking for much, but if everyone, donated just [£1] it would make a world of difference to finding an eventual cure for this illness.

My contact details:

Email : - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Twitter @bikerbiker2014