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Roger came to England as a young boy and was brought up in Islington, North London.

He attended Highbury School for Boys and was tutored by Sir Rhodes Boyson. He naturally supports Arsenal FC.

He resettled in Yorkshire in the 70‘s. Married a farmer’s daughter and worked as a farmhand for a while.

Looking after cattle and having to getting up to the smell of cow dung at 04.00 hrs every morning to feed and water them, digging for potatoes and growing forced rhubarb by candlelight wasn’t his thing.

His career proper started when he was employed by The British Steel Corporation as a Sales Clerk. He couldn’t tell the difference between a beam and a joist, but learned quickly.

In the 70's he was recruited by a British Machine Tool manufacturer and became its youngest Overseas Sales Representative for West Africa.

In the 80‘s he was poached by a Texas based manufacturing company and appointed as its Regional Sales Manager for Africa and Europe.

He was stationed in San Antonio and loved all things American, Texan, the Alamo, Davy Crockett and John Wayne. 

His eventual involvement with many World Bank and IMF projects took him to the impoverished regions of Africa and helped redefine his career.

His personal epiphany happened when he visited Ethiopia. His own moral, religious, social and political ethics were compromised when he was served USAID food that had been hoarded by his Agent, who happened to be a high ranking Army Officer.

He quit his job and left Africa, never to return.

He started a Specialist/Hi-Fi Business in Yorkshire in the mid 80‘s and is an ardent fan of everything analogue, preferring vinyl to cd’s and turntables to digital mp3 players.

He was passionate about food (still is) and retrained as a Chef in the 90’s.

His career as a Trainee Chef started at Leodis Brasserie in Leeds, under the tutelage of Mike Preston, a Michelin Chef and over the years he's also worked with many well known Chefs.

He therefore knows a thing or two about food.

Him and his then girlfriend managed a hotel in Leeds for a number of years.

He finally retired as a Chef in 2015.

These days, he spends his time with his family and friends.

He loves classic motorbikes, travelling, cooking, writing and music. 

His charity work is purely voluntary and based on individual needs rather than commercial gain.

You can contact Roger by Email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Also on Twitter @bikerbiker2014

(Updated March 2018)