People don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed

'Friedrich Nietzsche'

So that you may understand a little bit more about the inner design of my character, I would like to list the historical events (political, religious and cultural ) that directly shaped my life and personal philosophy.

I believe that to this day that we are expendable fodder to the powerful elites who sit at the head of our political and financial tables and determine our future. I live in a permanent state of cynicism.

  1. 1962 - The Cold War and the missile crisis in Cuba. 
  2. 1963 - The assassination of JFK.
  3. 1963 - The self-immolation of the Buddhist monks and of Quang Duc, the first Vietnamese Buddhist monk who committed this ritual act of suicide by fire. 
  4. The killing of Malcolm X in 1965.
  5. 1965 - Genocide in Indonesia by the paramilitary.
  6. 1965 - 1975 The Vietnam War. 
  7. 1967 - Muhammad Ali’s refusal to be inducted into the US Army. 
  8. 1968 - The assassination of Dr Martin Luther King. 
  9. 1968 - The My Lai massacre, led by Lt. Wm Calley, when American soldiers slaughtered men, women, children and infants and wiped out an entire village of non-partisan Viernamese people.
  10. 1970 - When America crossed over the border into Cambodia which led to the expansion of the Vietnam War.
  11. 1970 - Becoming aware of the existence of National Party and its doctrine of Apartheid as practiced in South Africa.
  12. 1970 - The killing of American students at the Kent State University campus in Ohio.
  13. 1971 - Bangladesh genocide by West Pakistan military.
  14. 1972 - Seeing the distressing image of a young naked Vietnamese girl burning and fleeing from the inferno of a napalm bomb.
  15. 1972 - Burundi - Genocide of Hutus under the Tutsi controlled government. 
  16. 1975 - Cambodian genocide by the Khmer Rouge under Pol Pot.
  17. 1979 - Watching The Deer Hunter, the movie. 
  18. 1982 - The Palestinian massacre in Sabra and Shatila refugee camps by the Phalangist militia.
  19. 1988 - Kurdish genocide under Saddam Hussein.
  20. 1994 - Rwanda. The slaughter of the Tutsi population.
  21. 1995 - The Bosnian genocide.
  22. 2003 - Genocide against the Darfuri civilians.
  23. 2017 - The Rohingya persecution and still unresolved war crimes.

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I had the privilege to meet Henry Cole when he came to Harrogate on the 19th October for his book launch and signing. 

I won’t change what I’ve already written about him in my book, but only to say that I was disappointed that the Yorkshire County Bikers and those who frequent Squires Café, did not make an effort to see him. It would have made for a spectacular event in his honour and would have reaffirmed the brotherhood that supposedly exists amidst the biking community.

Henry Cole is a genuine biker risen from the ashes of the symbolic phoenix of life and is the perfect example of what can be achieved with determination, desire and grit.

He is truly passionate about the world of biking and life. His responses to the questions asked about his misadventures off/on two wheels were funny and indicative of the respect and humility he has for other bikers and humanity.

I look forward to tucking fully into his book and being more attentive of his experiences and to read about his enormous contributions to the world of the motorcycle life on two wheels. 

He is an inspiration and I’m glad that I got to finally meet him and his charming family. 

Respect Dude.

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