Hi Everyone

I have finally done and completed my ride and I am now safely back home, in Yorkshire.

When I've had time to recover from this endurance test, I'll put down a few thoughts to mark the occassion. In the meantime, you can catch up on my trials and tribulations on www.facebook.com/pccharityride2014 where you can enjoy my rants on video and random pictures of my trip.

I wish to thank all my friends for their moral support, those B&B's along the way that provided a welcomed haven, the people who donated to the cause and those whom I met and who made my trip enjoyable.









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I've known James for a number of years and met with him again on Sunday, on the occasion of his son's (William) 2nd birthday. I had the opportunity to discuss our mutual approach and philosophy of life. I share in his efforts to improve men's health.

Check out his website www.healthygentleman.com



I know Jason & Rebecca and the rest of the staff and can fully endorse their adopted path to enlightenment.

If you care about your own physical, mental and spiritual (not religious) health

More specifically, for those bikers, who like me, suffer from chronic back pain

Check them out at www.TempleHolistic.co.uk





My friend Dave and I went for a ride out to the Dales yesterday. 

We partly followed the Tour de France trail and our route took us from Normanton through Altofts > Woodlesford > Wike > East Keswick > Harewood > Pool-in-Wharfedale > Otley > The Blubberhouses > Greenhow > Stumps Caverns > Appetreewick > Burnstall > Bolton Abbey > Ilkley > Otley and back via Bullerthope Lane. 

94 miles of amazing vistas of the English countryside and long winding roads, hills, hidden dips, bumps, bends and sometimes gravel and farm residuals in the middle of the road. It was very important to keep our concentration levels at the peak of our riding and watch out for those types of on-road hazards, but more so for idiot drivers. It also brought to my attention the deterioration of our country roads, full of potholes, badly patched up cracks and overall poor surfaces.

The worst stretch of our journey was when we joined the Ring Road out of Bullerthorpe Lane towards Harrogate. We caught the late rush and it highlighted to me the glaring difference between riding here in the UK and biking on the Continent. As soon as one crosses over the Channel and lands in France, there is a marked difference in the mentality from their car drivers. If anything, they are too considerate of bikers and sometime one feels obligated to overtake them in case they get upset, but they are more biker aware, more courteous and always pull in and make way for riders to pass them. Not in the UK! 

I would say that 80% of the British drivers we encountered were completely oblivious of our presence and one idiot in particular, in a Jag, on his mobile phone, deliberately strayed across to the centre to avoid us overtaking him. What an arse! 

We eventually did, much to his annoyance. I think there is a general resentment from car drivers in the UK that, we, bikers, do not have to suffer the bane of traffic congestion and can filter through. By the way, car drivers who also ride motorbikes make for better drivers. Fact.

Anyway, back to our trip. 

We stopped at The Craven Arms Inn, Appletreewick, for a drink. We met some lovely people and in particular, a charming, well mannered young lad, named Kit, who was out with his parents and grandparents and who kindly took the picture of Dave and I. Thank you Kit. 

By the way Kit, you might like to know that, I was once the Head Chef at The Craven Arms when Lin Nicholson was the Landlady. You’re too young of course to remember those days, but your parents might remember that fatal year when cattle were being slaughtered across the fields due to the mad cow disease epidemic.

We thoroughly enjoyed our ride, although Dave was a bit late back home.

Finally, I would highly recommend an outing to The Craven Arms for their Sunday roast. Absolutely pukka.



(Photo courtesy of Kit)