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Prostate Cancer UK and Men United’s own websites are very comprehensive and cover all aspects from recognising the signs and symptoms to living with and the treatment of Prostate Cancer.

I will be brief and only comment on what I personally believe is the one single contributory factor behind the understated reality of this condition.

It’s a men (macho) thing.

It doesn’t matter what car you drive, how clever you may be, what job you do, how large your house, how much money you earn. The reality is that we are defined by the functionality of our penis.

We, men, talk about any topic under the sun, but the reluctance to openly discuss the health of our urological system does not seem to matter, until it hurts when we pee.

I also believe that out of a sense of false propriety, some of our own partners avoid talking about it and we carry on playing the macho game, until it’s too late.

I therefore want to raise awareness of this issue so that, if God forbid, any of us should be affected, we can give ourselves the chance of a better quality of life and live longer.

I recently saw this decal on a camper van. One Life. Live It. How True.

Preserving one’s health is the most essential ingredient of living life to the fullest extent of one’s ability.

There’s no sure way of preventing prostate cancer, but preventative care includes watching what you eat and drink. Don’t wait until something goes wrong with your health, but make living life a qualitative life style rather than an obligatory chore.

Prevention is better than cure. Choose a healthy low-fat diet. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Eat fatty fish. Drink green tea. Drink alcohol in moderation. Exercise.

Many men who do not have prostate cancer, sometimes suffer from an enlarged prostate aka BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy).

Check out Saw Palmetto (It’s an extract of the fruit of serenoa repens and used as a herbal treatment for symptoms of bph).


Letter of Authority


Mr Roger Raymond

Roger is raising money for Prostate Cancer UK. We are aware that Roger will be approaching friends, businesses and associates for support and we are very grateful for their hard work.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK; one man dies every hour.

Prostate Cancer UK is the UK’s leading charity specialising in the field of prostate cancer. We provide support and information for men worried about prostate cancer as well as funding vital research into the disease and campaigning for better services.

It is only with the help from people like Roger that Prostate Cancer UK can continue to provide such essential services to help the 40,000 men diagnosed with prostate cancer each year.

Thank you for taking the time to consider supporting Prostate Cancer UK’s work. If you would like more information about us or about the event please do not hesitate to contact us on 0203 310 7014.

Kind regards

Community Fundraising Executive

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